Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time !!! Where Does it Go?

I realize that I have been away from the world of blogging for quite some time now... I am reminded by my loving mother often... I apologize to those of you who actually read this, but most of all to myself... So many things have happened in the last 6 months that I wont get to share in the same way as if it were fresh. I have decided to just continue from today and perhaps in the future add what happened in the past... Fair enough?

I particularly chose today to start again because I was reminded what an amazing daughter I have been blessed with! I will catch you up on her as well...

This morning we were going about our usual routine... me trying to entertain Miridyan in my room, so I could just lay on my bed and attempt to wake up. I decided to get up and eat my breakfast in the rocking chair that is next to my nightstand. Miridyan and Emmitt were fascinated by something inbetween the two, so I set my cereal bowl down and leaned forward to make sure it wasn't something with more than 2 legs. As I did this, the chair tipped forward. I tried to catch myself so that the chair wouldn't topple on Miridyan or Emmitt. As I did this, however, my feet didn't catch right and I ended up twisting my ankle and my knee and jetted to the side, barely clearing the two. My head rammed into the metal bed frame and I just laid there. I couldn't move my left leg and I just started crying due to the pain. Miridyan was able to get out from under my leg. She kept saying "Ok... Ok... Ok" which she does whenever she falls or gets hurt. When she noticed that I was crying she came over to me and looked me straight in the eye and said "Don't Cry"! I was in such pain that I tried so hard to tell her I was ok, but I couldn't. She then went and got her bowl of dry cereal and began to put pieces in my mouth. At this point I couldn't help but smile and tell her thank you. She cured me! Is this what I do to her when she is crying? Give her food and tell her not to cry? Perhaps I need to pay more attention to my own actions ! As I remained sitting on the floor she started doing her little "step on bugs" dance and twirling in a circle.
She is my little Angel who came to my rescue!
Now I am thinking that I better get on the "how to dial 9-1-1 lesson" just in case!

Now... Let me catch you up on Miridyan !!! As of today she is 19 1/2 months old ! At her 18 month old check-up her stats were:

Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 30 inches

So, she is a bit on the shorter side, but healthy as can be !!! And I am not even sure how, because she is a terrible eater and unbelievably picky (My mom says she is not surprised) I guess I was a bit on the picky side as well when it came to food.

Miridyan is so full of life! There is never a dull when she is around! Whether she is throwing an impressive tantrum that you just have to smile at or singing one of the many songs that she has learned, you can't help but love HER! Her current song list includes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, about every 6th letter in the ABC song, multiple songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and her (well our) new favorite Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye !!!

She loves counting (1-20) and building. She also loves to play mommy to her baby Ella and a few others around the house. Climbing is yet another favorite past time. Not sure how she learned to pull out the bottom drawer in order to get her on top of counters, but she does it remarkably well!

Miridyan is friendly to almost everyone she can see. We can't go anywhere without her saying Hi to everyone in sight. And if they don't respond back to her, she just gets louder. Restaurants are the best because close proximity makes her hard to ignore... She has been a little chatter box from day 1, so talking at 12 months wasn't a big surprise! She picks up on everything that anyone says and repeats it almost perfectly!
She is a little JabberJay (for those of you who have read the Hunger Games).

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago by the one and only... ME
(just in case you were wondering ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleep Over !!!

So last night we went to the Hinder concert and asked my parents to watch the girls. They were thrilled to be able to spend the entire night with the two of them. In fact... they even kept them over night. When I asked them how things went they just laughed. I guess Miridyan ended up in bed with them and my dad kept asking "can we put her back in the crib now?" She is definitely a flopper and takes up a lot of space.

They still love bath time. And as you can see, while we were watching bands with mohawks, the girls were sporting their very own !!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Hinder Concert

Amazingly enough, Hinder came to St George, and we made sure we were there !!! We had a BLAST !!! In fact... my sister and I were both complaining about what a work out we got from dancing and jumping. The older you get the less it takes to make your body sore!

The concert was awesome! It was so fun to be able to sing as loud as we could and not have anyone be able to hear us. Although, I recorded a few songs on my cell phone and somehow you can totally hear my sister and I singing..well... ok... mostly me... guess I won't be sharing those recordings with anyone).

I had a blast with my sister !!! I wish we would have done more things like this growing up !!!

Donny talked the floor monitor into letting him take the kids onto the floor so they could get closer to the stage. The kids had so much fun !!! I was glad that they were able to go.

Morgan and I stood up the ENTIRE time !!! I am just glad that we were on the front row of our section because as you can see here... our section was full of deadbeats !!! You can see how much fun Cody was having !!!

The opening band for Hinder was Theory of a Deadman. However, there was a band who played before them called The Veer Union. They were awesome !!! We had to go out and get our picture with them! They definitely made quite a few new fans after this show !!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Miridyan !!!

An entire year has flown by !!! My daughter turns 1 today !!! She is such a joy to have in our lives. I know that I am a better person because of her, I just hope that other's feel the same. Miridyan has the sweetest personality ever and she is learning new things every day. We are amazed by her every second.

Miridyan's birthday party was a big success. I seriously can't thank my family enough for showing her so much love and attention. Paityn was right there to show her how to unwrap her presents. She did it last week so she is a pro now !!!

Miridyan was so excited with all of her gifts. She made sure to spend some quality time with each of them.

But... not too much time... because as soon as she was done I am almost positive she knew there was cake waiting to be devoured.!!!

Did I tell you that we had a sweet tooth on our hands, or what !!! I was dead serious !!! Miridyan just kept eating !!! She was in heaven !!!
Note to self... remember to tell the bakery
NO RED FROSTING !!! please ;)

Emmitt was so patient, waiting for her to drop anything edible. She actually kept the floor pretty clean... but you obviously can see where it all went !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Birthdays !!!

January is kind of a busy month for our family. Actually it all boils down to one week. {aityn's birthday is the 15th, mine is the 19th, and Miridyan's is the 21st. I keep saying that in the future we are just going to take a week vacation at this time and celebrate them all! My mom keep telling us that we are not allowed to have any more kids in January... we all ran out of money! Anyhow... this particular outing was to celebrate all of our birthday at once because my grandparents came down for the event. My aunt Nikki and Troy, and Tjaden came as well. I am so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. I seriously couldn't have it any better! We had dinner at Pirate Island Pizza. Can you believe I am 21 years old !!! Ha Ha

After dinner we went back to my mom's house to open up gifts and to watch the girls eat cake... again !!!

Aunt Nikki got the girls the cutest little hats!!! They both look absolutely adorable in them !!!

Each of the girls got a cake with their picture on them. To be hinest, I don't even think they noticed ! All they saw was... FROSTING !!!

Clean up !!!

I wish I could say... good thing this only happens once a year, however... I would be lying !!!

For the record this makes cake #2 for the girls!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Paityn !!!

I remember, like it was yesterday, the day that I finally became an Aunt !!! What an amazing feeling !!! Paityn has such a great personality and makes me smile every time I see her. I am so greatful that I have been able to watch her grow up.

As Paityn tried out her cake, Miridyan just kept saying Mmmmm after each bite. So, after Paityn had had enough, I let Miridyan sit in the high chair.

I am afraid to say that we have a sweet tooth on our hands. She couldn't get enough !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures Pictures Pictures !!!

We do our best to capture Paityn and Miridyan on film. Not an easy task for sure.
But.. here are a few to share !

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays !!!

Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of year! I look forward to seeing my family and being able to buy and give gifts to others. I love the lights and all the decorations that get put up. This year was just that much better !!! Being able to watch my very own daughter enjoy the moments of the holiday. She didn't quite understand the whole concept of presents, but entertained us all with her amazing personality. I can't wait to see what the future holidays have in store for us.

We celebrate Christmas Eve at my Grandma Perry's house. Santa Claus comes and gives everyone a gift and then sings songs with the kids while all the adults take a million pictures. Our Santa is just that... our very own !!! I haven't the slightest idea who he is, but I do know that he has come to my grandparents house as Santa for aver 30 years !!! He has literally watched all of us grow. I am so thankful to have Santa as part of my Christmas.

Afterwards we go and have lunch at my Grandma Lukes' house. Unfortunately this year we couldn't spend a lot of time there due to me having to work. It is always a pleasure to be able to spend time with my grandparents, even if it was for just a few minutes.

Miridyan and Paityn are always interested in what the other is doing. I know I have said it a million times, but they truly are best of friends.

Christmas in St George

So... after we are finished with all the family visits up in Salt Lake, we all drive back to St George to celebrate OUR family Christmas. I had to work until 6 pm which is never fun, but I do what I have to do. We finally all gathered at my parents house later that evening. We had a lovely dinner (Thank you Mom) and then it was time...

The Christmas tree was jam packed with gifts. My mom usually designates herself as the one who hands them all out.

Miridyan was pretty worn out from all the holiday visits and the 4 hour drive home. But more presents were enough to keep her attention.

Donny was spoiled, as he is every year. He got just what he wanted... an I-Phone !!! I plan on not seeing him again for a few weeks while he learns all the funcions. ;)

We were so blessed to have Kyle as part of our family this year. He is such a pleasant young man. We our proud to call him ours.

We also were privileged in having Travis join us. We miss him so much and are so happy when he comes to visit. We ask him every time if we can just keep him.
Travis... you are welcome any time !!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yummy Macaroni !!!

Miridyan's first taste of Macaroni and Cheese !!!

She loved it !!!

Something else that she loves... hooking her toes on everything!
This is something that she has done since day 1.
There was even a time where we got her to hold her bottle with her toes instead of her hands.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Claus

This was the second time that the girls met Santa Claus. Miridyan did surprisingly well. Paityn, on the other hand, was not loving him one bit.

I laugh every time I see this one !!!
It almost looks like Santa tooted and the girls are trying to escape.

They let Kyle, Travis, Morgan and me get in for the last couple of shots.
Thank You Santa !!!