Monday, March 31, 2008

Discovering the TV

Miridyan and I sat down to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight and boy did she love it. She amazes me every day.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm back !!!

This is our birth announcement

These pictures were taken on Easter 2008

First let me apologize for waiting so long to post anything new. I actually didn't think that anyone was really looking at it. I always hoped that I was wrong. So... please forgive me. Let me now fill in the blanks.
To begin I feel the most important thing that has happened in my life is that I gave birth to my long awaited daughter, who is absolutely perfect, on January 21st at 3:11 pm. Her name is Miridyan Jilleen. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches long. At her 2 month appointment she weighed 10 lbs and was 23 inches. I am amazed every day how much she grows. She is now starting to show her personality, which I am afraid to say that she can be quite bossy. And she definitely knows what she wants. I hope that as she grows, her patience will grow as well. Donny and I could not be more proud of the angel we created. We have been quite busy these last few months. Miridyan has already been on her first airplane ride to Arizona, first long drive to Slat Lake, and even to Las Vegas. She is such a good baby. We have truly been blessed.
As for me... I am doing fabulous. I love being a mother. I can't wait to wake up every morning to her smiling face and her never ending stretches. She hasn't really laughed yet, but we know it will happen any day now. She gets so close, and then she coughs. She is a squealer, however. And boy is it high pitched. I think that she is going to be a singer like her daddy for sure. In fact, she loves when I sing to her, even though I am not very good. She is also getting better at holding her head up, and she has discovered the television. The other night I sat her on the couch and as she watched Dancing with the Stars with me her eye brows would raise every once in a while and she would smile. Oh yes, she also loves the water. She gets mad when I take her out of the bath. When she is in the water she is in heaven for sure. I will have to get pictures on here for you to see. Anyhow... I could go on and on, but I will save some for the next post. I promise it wont be months.