Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Miridyan !!!

An entire year has flown by !!! My daughter turns 1 today !!! She is such a joy to have in our lives. I know that I am a better person because of her, I just hope that other's feel the same. Miridyan has the sweetest personality ever and she is learning new things every day. We are amazed by her every second.

Miridyan's birthday party was a big success. I seriously can't thank my family enough for showing her so much love and attention. Paityn was right there to show her how to unwrap her presents. She did it last week so she is a pro now !!!

Miridyan was so excited with all of her gifts. She made sure to spend some quality time with each of them.

But... not too much time... because as soon as she was done I am almost positive she knew there was cake waiting to be devoured.!!!

Did I tell you that we had a sweet tooth on our hands, or what !!! I was dead serious !!! Miridyan just kept eating !!! She was in heaven !!!
Note to self... remember to tell the bakery
NO RED FROSTING !!! please ;)

Emmitt was so patient, waiting for her to drop anything edible. She actually kept the floor pretty clean... but you obviously can see where it all went !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Birthdays !!!

January is kind of a busy month for our family. Actually it all boils down to one week. {aityn's birthday is the 15th, mine is the 19th, and Miridyan's is the 21st. I keep saying that in the future we are just going to take a week vacation at this time and celebrate them all! My mom keep telling us that we are not allowed to have any more kids in January... we all ran out of money! Anyhow... this particular outing was to celebrate all of our birthday at once because my grandparents came down for the event. My aunt Nikki and Troy, and Tjaden came as well. I am so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. I seriously couldn't have it any better! We had dinner at Pirate Island Pizza. Can you believe I am 21 years old !!! Ha Ha

After dinner we went back to my mom's house to open up gifts and to watch the girls eat cake... again !!!

Aunt Nikki got the girls the cutest little hats!!! They both look absolutely adorable in them !!!

Each of the girls got a cake with their picture on them. To be hinest, I don't even think they noticed ! All they saw was... FROSTING !!!

Clean up !!!

I wish I could say... good thing this only happens once a year, however... I would be lying !!!

For the record this makes cake #2 for the girls!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Paityn !!!

I remember, like it was yesterday, the day that I finally became an Aunt !!! What an amazing feeling !!! Paityn has such a great personality and makes me smile every time I see her. I am so greatful that I have been able to watch her grow up.

As Paityn tried out her cake, Miridyan just kept saying Mmmmm after each bite. So, after Paityn had had enough, I let Miridyan sit in the high chair.

I am afraid to say that we have a sweet tooth on our hands. She couldn't get enough !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures Pictures Pictures !!!

We do our best to capture Paityn and Miridyan on film. Not an easy task for sure.
But.. here are a few to share !