Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun with the Family !!!

After dinner tonight we played the game Wackee Six. It is actually a really fun game. The best part about it is that everyone plays at the same time, so it keeps everyone's attention. Even my dad was into it. I was surprised when he was the one to say "just one more game". It's also pretty interesting to see who becomes competitive.

My mom didn't get to play the card game, but she did get to spend some quality time with Miridyan, who absolutely adores her! By the way... didn't I read somewhere that you are not supposed to introduce your child to the television until they are like 2 years old? I guess Grandmas can get away with whatever they want. Love you mom !!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Music Music Music

Well... the time has finally arrived !!! Miridyan is on the move ! She has been attempting to get where she wants for quite some time. It is amazing at how these little minds put everything together. Tonight she crawled right over to Grandpa's drum set (well, scooted on her hands and belly). She absolutely loves to sit and watch him play, just this time she wanted to try and play herself. Right now it's cute, but I am awaiting the day when something gets broken. (Hey dad... guess you will have to invest in a second set of drums, one that the girls can play with!)

We took the girls to their very first concert. It was the Honkey Tonk Tail Gate Party, which featured Mark Wills, Trent Willmon, Buddy Jewell, and Ray Scott. It was a pretty mellow concert. Miridyan and Paityn played on the blanket and watched the people around us. They were perfect the entire time.

Paityn was caught a little off guard here. I am not sure what emotion she is displaying in this picture, but we love it !!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A new season is coming !!!

There aren't too many stores here in St George that specialize in children's clothing so we LOVE the Children's Place in the outlets. Ever since having Miridyan, shopping has become a weekly event. They just have the cutest little girl clothes... it's not my fault !!!

Ahh !!!

So... Miridyan's new thing is whenever she see something to her liking, she drops her jaw as if she is saying "Ahh". She is quite the little crowd pleaser. Donny's niece tried to get her to put her hands on her cheeks as she did it, but she wasn't having it.