Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in St George

So... after we are finished with all the family visits up in Salt Lake, we all drive back to St George to celebrate OUR family Christmas. I had to work until 6 pm which is never fun, but I do what I have to do. We finally all gathered at my parents house later that evening. We had a lovely dinner (Thank you Mom) and then it was time...

The Christmas tree was jam packed with gifts. My mom usually designates herself as the one who hands them all out.

Miridyan was pretty worn out from all the holiday visits and the 4 hour drive home. But more presents were enough to keep her attention.

Donny was spoiled, as he is every year. He got just what he wanted... an I-Phone !!! I plan on not seeing him again for a few weeks while he learns all the funcions. ;)

We were so blessed to have Kyle as part of our family this year. He is such a pleasant young man. We our proud to call him ours.

We also were privileged in having Travis join us. We miss him so much and are so happy when he comes to visit. We ask him every time if we can just keep him.
Travis... you are welcome any time !!!

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