Monday, December 15, 2008

Yummy Macaroni !!!

Miridyan's first taste of Macaroni and Cheese !!!

She loved it !!!

Something else that she loves... hooking her toes on everything!
This is something that she has done since day 1.
There was even a time where we got her to hold her bottle with her toes instead of her hands.


Mitchell Family said...

Savanna LOVES mac and cheese! One of her favorite things to eat! So cute

Jacy said...

Thank goodness for mac-n-cheese! It can be such a lifesaver with the kiddos!
And how adorable is she with her little toes hooked on her tray!

Julia said...

I read your comment and was convinced I did not know a Miranda. It has been forever. Your family is adorable. I hope you are doing well.