Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Hinder Concert

Amazingly enough, Hinder came to St George, and we made sure we were there !!! We had a BLAST !!! In fact... my sister and I were both complaining about what a work out we got from dancing and jumping. The older you get the less it takes to make your body sore!

The concert was awesome! It was so fun to be able to sing as loud as we could and not have anyone be able to hear us. Although, I recorded a few songs on my cell phone and somehow you can totally hear my sister and I singing..well... ok... mostly me... guess I won't be sharing those recordings with anyone).

I had a blast with my sister !!! I wish we would have done more things like this growing up !!!

Donny talked the floor monitor into letting him take the kids onto the floor so they could get closer to the stage. The kids had so much fun !!! I was glad that they were able to go.

Morgan and I stood up the ENTIRE time !!! I am just glad that we were on the front row of our section because as you can see here... our section was full of deadbeats !!! You can see how much fun Cody was having !!!

The opening band for Hinder was Theory of a Deadman. However, there was a band who played before them called The Veer Union. They were awesome !!! We had to go out and get our picture with them! They definitely made quite a few new fans after this show !!!

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