Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Well... I haven't had too much to post on the last little while up until this last week. It's like we are bored for a while and then we find a ton of things to do. I am not complaining though... I do not mind doing nothing every now and then. It's nice to sit around and relax, occasionally go out to lunch with friends and family, be stress free... almost (I will take whatever I can get).

We went to the Main Street Park one night. Usually we will let the girls sit in the stream of water, but for some reason Miridyan wasn't content there. So, we took them over to the fountains where they sat and played with the water. There just so happened to be on that was not as powerful as the rest, which was perfect for them. It was quite entertaining for us as well. Miridyan kept leaning over to get the water and would put her face directly in it. She would catch her breath and then smile and laugh. Paityn and Miridyan love to watch each other. Hopefully they will learn only the good habits from one another.

Morgan and I with our girls. By this point we weren't too worried about getting a little wet ourselves.

Last weekend my good friend Lark came down to stay with us. It was so much fun to catch up with her. She was fabulous with Miridyan, which was a bonus. And... Miridyan absolutely adored her as well. I told Donny that if we ever got a nanny for our children, I would like her to be like Lark. One day... one day !!! I love St George, but when it comes to finding things to do to keep a guest entertained... it wasn't that easy. We went shopping at the outlets, out to dinner and lunch (a few times), got pedicures, and went to a baseball game. I truly had a great time and hope that she did as well. I hope that she will come down again soon. It's not too often that I get to spend time with friends. (The picture below is of Lark in the relaxation room, just before we got our pedicures).

About a week ago our stake had a blood drive. I was so excited to be able to donate, I even talked my mom into going with me. When we got there we both went through the pre-testing to make sure our levels were up to par. Well... I was rejected do to a low hematacrit (iron level). I was bummed, but my mom on the other hand... PERFECT !!! So... here she is, giving back. She did great !!! Atleast I got some cookies and juice for being there.

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